Mirai App Marketplace - Offer

Mirai App just leveled up! Now you can place offers on various NFTs directly from our Marketplace within the app.

Follow this guide for a step-by-step process to get started with making an NFT offer and purchase!

Gas Fees:

Take note that gas fees may be required for various transactions.

What are gas fees?

  • Gas fees are small payments users make to process transactions and smart contracts on the network, which could run higher when the network is busy.

  • These fees help secure the network and compensate miners and validators who process and validate the transactions.

Now that we understand what gas fees are, we can continue with the guide.

Mirai App - Offer Guide:

1. Open the Mirai App and tap on [DApps].

2. Choose an NFT you like.

3. Tap on [Make Offer].

4. Enter the currency and amount, then tap [Approve].

5. After approval, tap [Confirm] the transaction.

6. Verify the details and tap [Confirm] again.

7. After a brief wait, congratulations, you've successfully made an offer!

Congratulations on making an NFT offer within the Mirai App! Now you can explore and acquire the assets you want at your specified price if your offer is accepted. Keep an eye out for potential updates, as we're always building. Happy buying!

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