How to Bridge PGX from Polygon to AVAX C-Chain with the Mirai Bridge

Looking to bridge your PGX from Polygon to AVAX C-Chain? The Mirai Bridge has you covered. This detailed tutorial will show you how simple it is to do so.

Read through step-by-step guide and follow along.

  1. Visit and click [Connect Wallet].

  1. Select MetaMask as your wallet.

  1. Head to [Deposit].

  1. Select the PGX token, the amount, and network of your choice. (e.g. Polygon to Mirai Chain.), then click [Transfer].

  1. Confirm the transfer after reviewing the details.

  1. First time with this asset on the Mirai Bridge? Approve the allowance.

  1. Set the spending cap, hit [Next], then [Approve].

  1. Continue the process with the [Deposit] button.

  1. Finalize the transaction on MetaMask with [Confirm].

  1. Congratulations! Give it a couple minutes to bridge, and your funds will be in place.

  1. Now to bridge from Mirai Chain to AVAX, Go to [Withdraw] on the website.

  1. Select PGX, pick the network (e.g., Mirai Chain to AVAX C-Chain), and click [Transfer].

  1. Review the transaction then click on [Transfer] or [Change Network].

14. First time on Mirai Chain? Add the Network by clicking on [Approve].

15. [Switch Network] to proceed if you have not already done so.

16. [Confirm] to continue with the process.

17. Finalize the transaction with [Confirm] on Metamask.

  1. Success! Give it a few minutes and your PGX will be in place.

19. Don’t have AVAX on your Metamask yet? Go to [Settings] on your Metamask Wallet.

20. Look for [Networks] on your settings.

  1. Continue by clicking on [Add Network].

  1. Place in this information, then [Save].

  1. Now on your Metamask wallet, [Import token]

  1. Place in the PGX Token Address 0x0EF27Ddc8F89D4886E89d630De089962FfC12E43. Click [Next] then [Import].

You've successfully bridged your PGX from Polygon to the Avalanche network. Mission complete! Your PGX is now where it belongs. Smooth moves!

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