PGX Staking: Connect with MetaMask

PGX staking is now LIVE! We'd love for you to take part in it!

Everyone is excited to accumulate more PGX and secure a guaranteed mint for Petopia’s NFT launch. If you’re not sure how to do so, here’s a tour and a step-by-step guide.

Note that the minimum participation for the Petopia NFT leaderboard is 10,000 PGX.

  1. Head over to the staking website. Once you're on the homepage, start with [Connect Wallet] located at the upper right of your screen.

  1. To connect your wallet, proceed with [MetaMask].

  1. Now, go back to the website and click [Stake PGX Now].

  1. You will be shown the Stake your PGX pop-up.

Specify the amount of PGX you’re looking to stake and the lock period for rewards.

  • 10,000 PGX = 10,000 Staking Point.

  • Locking the tokens for a certain period provides bonus Staking Points.

  • When you stake your PGX on the Mirai Chain, you get extra 20% bonus points.

Learn here how to deposit PGX to Mirai Chain using MetaMask. For manually adding the Mirai Chain network to your MetaMask, check the details here.

Once you’ve read up on the estimated yield, and chose the numbers you’re comfortable with, continue on with [Confirm Staking].

  1. Congratulations! You have successfully staked your PGX. Well done.

  1. Refer a friend, and if they stake using your referral link, you both score extra points – it's a win-win!

  1. Now that you’re done, feel free to inspect information regarding your PGX position.

You’ll find crucial information here such as...

Stake to Mint - Petopia NFT Leaderboard:

  • Total Points (Staking Points & Referral Points)

  • Petopia NFT Ranking

Your PGX Positions:

  • Total Staked

  • Total Claimable Rewards

  • Date

  • Lock Period

  • Status

  1. You can also go to [Leaderboard] just below your rank to view how others are doing.

We're delighted that you successfully completed the PGX staking tutorial! You've taken a step toward a Petopia NFT and accumulating more PGX. Remember to stay on top of the 500 people on the leaderboard to qualify for a guaranteed mint. Happy staking!

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