Mirai Chain

Mirai Chain is a blockchain custom-made for mobile game developers. It's like a playground designed specifically for creating global gaming experiences.

Why Choose the Mirai Chain?

We, game developers ourselves, created Mirai Chain to solve our challenges in web3, and now we're dedicated to helping you.

  • Mobile-First Design: Mirai Chain offers special features and easy connections to make your work smoother.

  • Open to All: It doesn't matter if you're into different operating systems or game types; Mirai Chain welcomes all.

  • Rock-Solid Security & Compliance: We built our system on a strong foundation, with top-notch security and accessibility in mind, especially for mobile developers.

  • Quick APIs for Building: With practical support, simple APIs, and SDKs, you can build and launch your projects fast.

Join Our Gaming Ecosystem

Mirai Chain is the central hub of web3 gaming, with hundreds of millions of transactions, countless users, and endless room for games.

  • Feeless Transactions

  • Guaranteed Integration Success

  • Exceptional On-Chain User Experience

Robust DEFI Toolkit

We offer more than just a swapping platform. Dive into everything DeFi has to offer, from swapping tokens to limit orders, cross-chain trading, bridging assets, and even trading crypto with fiat.

NFTs Done Right

Buy, sell, and explore hundreds of collections, and store them directly in the Mirai app. You'll love the low fees, public listings, compatibility with the Mirai app, advanced filtering, and rarity indexes.

Global Payments Processor

Our Mirai Pay tools make it easy to accept cryptocurrency in your physical or online store. It's hassle-free, accepts multiple currencies, comes with low to no fees, and offers instant payouts with no chargebacks.

Mirai Chain supports popular programming languages, offers versatile tools, and provides comprehensive documentation to ensure a smooth and efficient application development process. You can confidently deploy your application when you need it.

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