How to Bridge PGX from Mirai Chain to AVAX C-Chain using the Mirai App

Have some PGX from Mirai Chain you'd like to move over to AVAX C-Chain? No Problem!

Follow this tutorial and we'll guide you through it.

  1. Mirai App Homepage - Tap on the Green [DApps] button.

  1. Search and Tap for the [Mirai Chain Bridge].

  1. Tap the [Connect Wallet] button.

  1. Tap [MetaMask], this will connect your Mirai Wallet address.

  1. Place in the exact amount of PGX from Mirai Chain to bridge to AVAX C-Chain.

  1. Tap on [Change] for Recipient.

  1. Place in your AVAX MetaMask address for the withdrawal. Tap [Confirm] then hit [Transfer].

  1. Tap [Change Network] to proceed.

  1. Review the transaction and hit [Confirm].

  1. Mirai App will pop-up, tap [Confirm].

  1. Success! Give it a few minutes and your PGX will be in place.

Mission accomplished! Your PGX successfully withdrawn, heading straight to the AVAX network. Take charge and manage it as you see fit. All set!

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