Race, play, and dominate in Pegaxy, an electrifying play-to-earn PVP mecha horse battle game. Challenge competitors in various modes, utilizing unique horse abilities, tactical maneuvers, and the added dimension of skills and abilities. Customize your playstyle with upgrades, fusion, and additional skins.

On the race track, seize the opportunity to pick up crates containing items that can be strategically employed against opponents or enhance your Pega's performance. Explore four dynamic game modes: Normal, Battle Solo, Battle Team, and Tournament. Dominate your opponents and reap the rewards that await you. Pegaxy isn't just a game; it's an electrifying journey where skill, strategy, and the unpredictable twists of items pave the way to triumph.

For those keen on statistics, Pegaxy boasts an impressive 46,269,656 transactions on the Polygon chain. The cumulative transaction volume in USD for NFTs and Tokens has reached a staggering $647,977,085. Pegaxy's user base stands at a robust 433,585. At our peak, 203,601 players were simultaneously in the thrill of the race, and the Pegaxy race track has witnessed a remarkable 26,900,221 races. It's quite an achievement, and let's keep forging ahead to create even more memorable moments! Check out the Pegaxy Whitepaper to know more!

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