PGX Staking: Connect with Mirai App

PGX staking is now LIVE! We'd love for you to take part in it!

Everyone is excited to accumulate more PGX and secure a guaranteed mint for Petopia’s NFT launch. If you’re not sure how to do so, here’s a tour and a step-by-step guide.

Note that the minimum participation for the Petopia NFT leaderboard is 10,000 PGX.

  1. Head over to the staking website. Once you're on the homepage, start with [Connect Wallet] located at the upper right of your screen.

  1. To connect your Mirai App, proceed with [WalletConnect].

  1. You will be provided with a QR code to scan; Now, open your Mirai App.

  1. In the app, tap on [WalletConnect].

  1. Tap the [New Connection] button and scan the QR code on the staking website.

  1. Press [Accept] to authorize the connection.

Note: For every transaction, you have to confirm it on your Mirai app.

  1. Sign the message by tapping [Accept] once more.

  1. Now, go back to the website and click [Stake PGX Now].

  1. You will be shown the Stake your PGX pop-up.

Specify the amount of PGX you’re looking to stake and the lock period for rewards.

  • 10,000 PGX = 10,000 Staking Point.

  • Locking the tokens for a certain period provides bonus Staking Points.

  • When you stake your PGX on the Mirai Chain, you get extra 20% bonus points.

Once you’ve read up on the estimated yield, and chose the numbers you’re comfortable with, continue on with [Confirm Staking].

  1. Congratulations! You have successfully staked your PGX. Well done.

  1. Refer a friend, and if they stake using your referral link, you both score extra points – it's a win-win!

  1. Now that you’re done, feel free to inspect information regarding your PGX position.

You’ll find crucial information here such as...

Stake to Mint - Petopia NFT Leaderboard:

  • Total Points (Staking Points & Referral Points)

  • Petopia NFT Ranking

Your PGX Positions:

  • Total Staked

  • Total Claimable Rewards

  • Date

  • Lock Period

  • Status

  1. You can also go to [Leaderboard] just below your rank to view how others are doing.

We're delighted that you successfully completed the PGX staking tutorial! You've taken a step toward a Petopia NFT and accumulating more PGX. Remember to stay on top of the 500 people on the leaderboard to qualify for a guaranteed mint. Happy staking!

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