How to Fund Your Mirai Wallet with ETH

Adding BSC ETH & Mirai Chain ETH Tokens

Let’s dive right into the start of Mirai Chain’s capabilities by adding BSC ETH and Mirai Chain ETH! Our simple guide will walk you through the process, ensuring you have access to these tokens after we’re done.

Gas Fees:

Take note that gas fees may be required for various transactions.

What are gas fees?

  • Gas fees are small payments users make to process transactions and smart contracts on the network, which could run higher when the network is busy.

  • These fees help secure the network and compensate miners and validators who process and validate the transactions.

Now that we understand what gas fees are, we can continue with the guide.

Step-by-step Walkthrough.

1. Open up the Mirai App and tap on [Wallet] or the wallet icon.

2. Go to "Your Assets” and select "Manage Tokens”, which is the slider icon on the right.

  1. Once there, tap on the “+” sign to add tokens.

  1. Add both the Binance Smart Chain ETH and Mirai Chain ETH by toggling them on.

Alternative Method: Only use this if necessary. Tap on the “+” sign again to add custom tokens. Binance Smart Chain ETH: 0x2170Ed0880ac9A755fd29B2688956BD959F933F8 Mirai Chain ETH: 0x994Bb693317FBd49c10a2AbF663A353b4Bb30784

5. Awesome! Now, both these tokens should be visible in “Your Assets”.

Simple enough, right? We’re glad you were able to place both Binance Smart Chain’s ETH and Mirai Chain’s ETH. Next up, we’ll teach you how to deposit ETH to your wallet from Binance!

Sending ETH from Binance to Your BSC ETH Address

Looking to move some Ethereum from Binance to your BSC Wallet Address within the Mirai App? Perfect! We’ve constructed a step-by-step informative guide to help you through the process.

Learn by following this short guide:

1. Open up the Mirai App and tap on [Receive].

  1. Within your assets, select "BSC ETH"

3. You’ve found your BSC ETH Address! Copy by tapping on the clipboard icon.

4. Go to Binance and initiate a Withdrawal to this copied BSC ETH address.

Note: Make sure to select BSC Network (BEP-20)

Great job! You’ve learned how to deposit BSC ETH from your Binance to your Mirai Wallet!

Mirai Labs is not responsible for anyone sending to the wrong address. As it is critical to send to the right address, be sure to double-check before processing any transfers.

Bridge Your BSC ETH to Mirai Chain ETH

Almost done! Now what we’re going to do is bridge your BSC ETH to Mirai Chain’s ETH, and you’re all set. This won’t take long, follow and know how!

To start, you'll need some BNB as Gas Fee to bridge ETH from your BSC wallet to Mirai Chain:

  1. On Mirai App’s homepage - Start with [Receive].

  1. Within these assets, select "BSC BNB".

  1. Here you'll find your BSC BNB Address! Copy by tapping the clickboard icon.

  1. Go to Binance and initiate a Withdrawal to the copied BSC BNB Address Note: Make sure to select BSC Network (BEP-20).

  1. Now you can go back to Mirai App’s homepage - Tap on [Bridge].

  1. Select the Binance Smart Chain ETH.

  1. Place the exact amount to Bridge, then tap [Deposit]. Make sure you have enough BNB for the gas fee to bridge your BSC ETH to Mirai Chain ETH.

  1. Review the details, then [Confirm].

  2. Since this is your first experience, grant approval by tapping [Permit].

  3. Continue the Bridge process by the [Deposit] button.

  4. After one more confirmation, give it a couple minutes and your funds have now been bridged.

Congratulations on successfully bridging your BSC ETH to Mirai Chain ETH!

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