Unlocking New Possibilities in Mirai Labs Games

In our gaming world, guilds are like the heart of our ecosystem. They're not just groups of players; they're the engines of opportunity. Players can dive into the action by owning "seats" – think of these as your membership tickets. Just like investors own "fractions" (guild shares) in a company, you can speculate on the success of a guild by buying these fractions. This unique element introduces an extra layer of excitement, involving not only players and guilds but also those who enjoy a bit of speculation. This additional layer of intrigue adds a distinctive flavor to the experience.

What Motivates Everyone

  • Game Players: Players are driven by the opportunity to earn money, acquiring seats early to sell them at a profit, referring friends for added benefits, and accumulating Mirai Points for additional rewards.

  • Guild Founders: Guild founders are focused on monetizing their gaming communities, selling seats to guild members, ascending the ranks to secure a larger share of the earnings, and attracting investors with enticing incentives.

  • Speculators: Speculators engage in market dynamics, capitalizing on the speculation of guild shares (fractions) to earn a portion of the guild's profits. They also gain access to Mirai Points and exclusive chat features.

Understanding Seats and Fractions

Seats are like rare gems – there are only a limited number. Fractions, on the other hand, are like an endless treasure chest. The revenue share percentage has the flexibility to vary in multiple directions. Guilds derive income through the trading of seats and fractions, in-game rewards, and the collection of assorted fees. The proficiency of your gameplay directly impacts your earnings as a seat holder, while shareholders can receive dividends and trade fractions for profits.

Referral Rewards

Sharing is caring – users who spread the word and trade guild fractions earn a sweet percentage. It's a friendly win-win.

In a nutshell, gaming is more than fun; it's about unlocking your potential and earning your place in the gaming world. Guilds aren't just groups; they're communities where everyone wins. Players, founders, and speculators all get to enjoy the ride and reap the rewards. Mirai's here to make sure everyone's adventure is as exciting as it gets. Ready to jump into this new gaming experience with seats and fractions!

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