How to Send, Receive, Swap, and Bridge on Mirai App

It won’t take long to learn how to maneuver and manage your tokens here with the Mirai App; follow this concise guide to know all there is to know!

After logging into the Mirai App Homepage, you can choose from a variety of actions.

  • Send: Transfer your tokens to another wallet.

  • Receive: Accept tokens from another wallet.

  • Swap: Exchange one token for another.

  • Bridge: Transfer your tokens between different networks.

Gas Fees:

Take note that gas fees may be required for various transactions.

What are gas fees?

  • Gas fees are small payments users make to process transactions and smart contracts on the network, which could run higher when the network is busy.

  • These fees help secure the network and compensate miners and validators who process and validate the transactions.

Now that we understand what gas fees are, we can continue with the guide.

To Send Tokens:

  1. Tap on [Send]

  2. Choose a coin from your balance

  3. Place in the Receiver’s address

  4. Specify the desired amount to send

  5. Add a note if needed, then tap [Send]

  6. Review details and finalize the transaction with [Send Token]

To Receive Tokens:

  1. Tap on [Receive]

  2. Choose a coin to receive from our growing list of assets

  3. Indicate the amount to receive then [Save]

  4. Copy your address or Share your QR code

To Swap Tokens:

  1. Tap on [Swap]

  2. Choose a coin from your balance

  3. Enter your desired amount for swapping

  4. Review and confirm the amount by tapping [Review Swap]

  5. Confirm rates provided with [Accept] and adjust slippage if necessary

  6. Finalize your swap with the [Swap] button

To Bridge Tokens:

Deposit if you want to transfer your assets from other network to Mirai Chain. Withdraw if you want to transfer your assets from Mirai Chain to other network.

  1. Tap on [Bridge]

  2. Choose a coin from your balance

  3. Select the network your assets will come from

  4. Choose the destination network for your assets

  5. Enter the desired amount to bridge

  6. Tap on [Deposit] or [Withdrawal] once prepared

  7. Review the details and finalize by tapping on [Withdraw/Deposit Token]

Navigating to Bridge History by clicking on the arrow icon on the upper right.

Bridge History & Status:

Congratulations! You've completed this guide and have acquired the skills to manage your tokens with the Mirai App.

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